Welcome To IMS Medical institute courses offered, Admission IMS Institute B.E.M.S (BACHELOR OF ELECTROHOMOEOPATHY MEDICINE & SURGERY) “Admission open for the academic year 2016-2017” 06th BATCH.

About Us

IMS MEDICAL INSTITUTE OF ELECTROPATHY, the name of our institute has it origin with the intension of providing complete ‘cure’ for the diseased society at a minimum cost. This institute was started with this motive in the year 2011. It has been in existence since then and we still continue to march towards our goal. We follow the syllabus as followed in any Medical college with standard text books along with Electropathy subjects. Our teaching staffs are proficient team with years of valuable experience on a mission to pass on their quantum of immeasurable knowledge for the cause of health and Electropathy. In addition to the standard medical knowledge, we impart additional knowledge in the form of lectures on Electropathy. The various plants used for the method of preparation, the dosage, the actions of these herbal extracts, the mode of action and much more.
Since we use only the plant extract, and that too in such minimal quantities, the average man is too confused, as to how such minimal dose can bring out such an amazing response! It is at this juncture that we have to explain the various theories, and show them the therapeutic response.