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Dr. Count Grafen Ceaser Mattei
Natural Herbal Medical System in India

It was invented/founded by Dr. Count Grafen Ceaser Mattei in 1865. Dr. Mattei has great love of nature. He proved that man is the product of Nature and only a medical science based on the law of Nature can preserve and protect its creation. Thus the electropathy system is the most natural and scientific method of treatment which enables to restore the health of the patient quickly, gently and permanently.

Electropathy or Electro homeopathy is an integral part of the Alternative System of Medicine. It is natural, harmless, simple, unique, non-toxic, non alcoholic and no side effects whatsoever. Besides it is rather cheap and affordable to all sections of the society. The electropathy remedies are prepared by scientific process called Cohobation Method which was introduced by Dr. Theophrastus Von Hoheneim in which the living energies of the plants in the form of essences obtained from medicinal plants. These remedies have maximum curative capacity to regulate the lymph and blood and also to keep them purified.

The word Electrohomoeopathy is a combination of three main words i.e. Electro, Homoeo and Pathy. Electro means, any disturbance which occurred in the living organism, expelled out from the body by exchange of force (medicinal force/od force) and restores the organic tissues of body to its previous state of health systematically as well, as constitutionally through its nervous system. Homoeo means equilibrium between blood and lymph. In other words, homoeostasis means physical and chemical consistency of the cell. It is interrelated between cell to cell, tissue to tissue, i.e. each and every cell connected to each other if their interrelation is in regular way that state is healthy condition. So Homoeostasis means to keep dis-balance body in to steady state (balance). Pathy : Pathy means system of treatment. In short Electrohomoeopathy a new system of medicine by which electrify the homeostasis between lymph and blood of a diseased person.

Unique properties and advantages of Electropathy :-
  1. It believes that treatment of the body system in totality is the permanent cure. 
  2. It does not believe in organ specific treatment.
  3. Antidotes are not required as it is based upon law of Polarity and Similarity.
  4. No poisons are used.
  5. It is inexpensive.
  6. Mistaken overdose not cause any harm. Any discomfort can be easily and quickly rectified/controlled.
  7. Occupies very little space in packing.
  8. The globules do not deteriorate with the passage of time.
  9. The crushed fresh plant form the basic products of Electro Homoeopathic medicines and the extraordinary superior spagyric method of preparation preserve the vital radioactive energies of the plant stored up in the essences so obtained.
  10. Electropathy medicines are quietly natural, scientific, nontoxic, harmless and without any side effects on human body.
Electropathy Remedies Act in various ways :-
  1. They improve the digestive powers and so facilitate the supply of necessary elements to lymph and blood.
  2. They increase the healthfulness of the cells out of which the body tissues are built up.
  3. They give tone and nourishment both to the brain and to the other parts of that complicated and wonderful system of nerves by which all disease are permanently cured.
  4. They promote the removal from the system, through the skin and other channels, of morbid and superfluous elements which interfere with bodily health.

Electropathy cure lots of diseases which are incurable in other systems of medicines. Millions of people (including Supreme Court judge's family, governor's family, etc.) are turning towards Electropathy to live a disease free life.

Registered Electropathy Practitioner has legal right to practice Electropathy in every nook and corner of the country (India).

Beware of Half Baked Truths
If a medical practitioner has said that this problem is incurable, do ask him, which system of medicine he/she is talking of. If a disease is incurable in one system of medicine, it doesn't means that it is incurable in other system of medicines too. And every one studies his own system of medicine so saying that a particular problem is incurable is just half truth. He / She must speak full truth and say that this particular problem is incurable in this particular system of medicine.

Disease X is incurable - Wrong statement.

Disease X is incurable in ABC system of medicine - Correct statement.

“Nature Is More Powerful Than Man-made Science”