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Electro Homoeopathy Question & Ans.

Electro Homoeopathy Question &Ans.

This term is derived from three words-

ELECTRO comes from the electro bio-energy content extracted from plants and the way that energy is extracted and made into remedies. The force of electro bio-energy connects itself to any disturbance within the body and expels it from the system. It thereby restores the organic tissues and nervous system to their proper balanced state of health.

HOMOEO refers to the equilibrium or balance between the blood and lymphatic systems and works towards “Homoeostasis” which is the correct physical and chemical consistency of the body’s cells. This ensures that each and every cell interrelates as it should so that the body functions at its best.

PATHY basically means a system of treatment. In short, Electro Homeopathy is the system of natural medicines, made exclusively from plant extracts, by which a healthy balance is achieved and maintained throughout the whole body.

Electro Homeopathy has four fundamental laws

Who Discovered Electro Homoeopathy?

The practice of Electro Homoeopathy grew with the Italian Noble, Count Cesar Mattei who founded true Electro Homoeopathy in the latter part of the 19th century in Bologna, Italy. Being strongly influenced by the philosopher Paulo Costa, Count Mattei was motivated to devote his time and wealth to the service of humanity. He built on the works of Indian metallurgists and Ayurvedic /Siddha practitioners , also on Paracelsus and Balroot but he focused on preparing remedies extracted exclusively from plants. He called these remedies Electro Homoeopathic medicines. He called these remedies electro homoeopathic medicines on own his experiments of 30 years which show in his plants extract as vegetable electricity.

Later on this system was further developed by Mattei adherent Theodore Krauss who have given the manufacturing method known as Krauss method (also mentioned in German Pharmacopoeia HAB) for making electro homeopathic remedies. He also added 22 more remedies in Mattei rest of remedies which was 38. This system became Electro complex homeopathy in his life time worldwide. After death of Count Mattei the progress and development was stopped during the First World War, during this period some so called perfectionists like Dr.A.Sauter in Geneva,Switzerland, and Father Augustus Muller in Mangalore, South India, took charge and established the so called true pharmacy of Electrohomeopathy , just as Minerva came out armed from the head of Jupiter( quote from Maria Venturoli Mattei).

Electro Homeopathic Remedies —How Do They Work?

They work on the principle that diseased organisms are far more sensitive than healthy organisms. Much like the area of skin around a cut or a graze is more sore and tender than its surrounding areas. A remedy is never given to just remove the symptoms from the body, but to work wholly on the disease and remove its cause. It therefore works on the body as a whole.

Each remedy is derived from the active enzymes of several plants. When you take this complex remedy it completely covers and controls the body. It will then move through the body via the blood and lymphatic systems and target only those areas that require it. Once the diseased part is sufficiently saturated with the remedy, it stops absorbing it. When all the parts of the body have been healed and a healthy balance restored, the medicine itself is no longer absorbed. Therefore, there are absolutely no risks of over-dosing, side effects or drug dependency.

Electro Homoeopathic remedies purify the lymph and blood systems and can find and destroy the gravest of disorders. They can also help prevent disease by keeping the body pure and giving it a healthy balance.

Principle of Electro Homoeopathy

In sick person, the body fluids, lymph & blood become polluted and all the parts become abnormal state, which is why the disease develops in the body. Electro Homoeopathy is system of dynamic form of healing force extracted from the plants . It preserves and controls the organism Lymph and Blood, consisting of atoms, molecules, cell tissues, organs etc, by purifying them and returning them back to the normal state. The sick person recovers speedily and completely.

Why was the name given Electro Homoeopathy?

The name Electro Homoeopathy comes from the Electro content extracted from the plants, and the way this energy is extracted and made into the remedies. Electro Homoeopathy is a name given by the founder, on the basis that those remedies are class of energy conforming to the law of similar and they posses a power and promptness and speed of action of the remedy which allows them to be compared to electricity. Electro is not related to the electricity current and not using any type of electric machine in the treatments.
Theodore Krauss was the disciple of Count Mattei. Mattei made only 38 remedies in his life time but Krauss added more 22 remedies in his life time. After death of Count Mattei the progress and development was stopped in First World War, so therefore Krauss took charge and established the pharmacy of Electro Homeopathy in Germany which is why this pathy also known as spagyric method of Krauss.

The proving of remedies

Electro Homoeopathic remedies work on the principle that diseased organisms are far more sensitive than healthy organisms and change the condition of the bodily fluids. A remedy should not be given to remove the symptoms of the body but to work on the cause of the disease.

What is the difference between Electro Homoeopathy & other therapies?

Electro Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that draws all of its remedies from non-poisonous plants. It does not use sources from the mineral or animal kingdom. The remedies work with nature and help the healing force in the shape of Electro element.

Who can use Electro Homeopathic remedies?

Electro Homoeopathy can be used by anyone of any age group who suffers from acute to chronic illnesses, for example, depression, arthritis, migraine, ulcers or ME.

What are the side effects?

These remedies are all extracted from non-poisonous plants and do not create drug addiction or side effects. All remedies use the physical properties and not the chemical ones and are therefore ideal to combat the human body disorders without any side effects.

How do Electro Homeopathic remedies work?

The manner of preparing these compound remedies is the method of “cohobation”. This method uses plant extracts in the higher energies (vital force). This is a very potent invisible force, abstract in the natural form and transforms every constitution of the living being as an ‘Od Force’ (vital force). Each remedy is derived from the active enzymes of several plants. When the complex remedy is administered to the patient it completely covers and controls the body. The remedy will then move through the body acting on the parts that require it. As soon as the diseased part is sufficiently saturated with the remedy, it stops to absorb it. When all the parts of the body have been healed, the medicine itself is no longer absorbed.

What does the treatment involve?

This will depend on the individual & their personal health fitness. The holistic approach to illness needs to be given time & many ailments will not disappear overnight. Therefore a course of treatments is recommended to get the best result. Electro Homoeopathy treatment is always based on the Law of Temperament. The patient may be lymphatic, sanguine, mixed ,bilious or of a nervous temperament. The person belonging to a specific temperament will show symptoms based on that constitution. In order to learn the constitution of the patient, a full background into their history any inherited family health matters is required. A remedy is then given accordingly.
What to expect when, visiting a practitioner?
The patient will be asked questions relating to their medical history and perhaps that of their immediate family. Lifestyle questions, such as stress levels, diet; exercise regimes, and sleep patterns will be asked to ensure that a holistic approach is taken. Their own expectations of the treatment and what they hope the therapy will achieve will also be discussed. It is necessary for the practitioner to know that the patient comes under which temperament then the treatment can be assessed. The disease or condition they are displaying will also indicate what medicines should be taken. The patient will need to take the medicines, which come in the form of pill and liquid. You will be asked to attend another consultation when your prescription may change.


Nagarjuna an Indian metallurgist and alchemist, born at Fort Daihak near Somnath in Gujarat in 931. He wrote the very first treatise Rasaratnakara that deals with alchemical preparations.

Spagyric medicine is ancient natural medicine the has undergone 500 years of trial, research and practice. Paracelsus the famous Swiss physician, Philosopher and alchemist is regarded as the founder of spagyric , but it was almost forgotten until the 19th century.

Dating from thee times of Paracelsus, the terms spagyric and spagyrism are derived from the Greek verbs "span (to seperate) and ageirein (to unify). They designate the art of creating medications of enhanced efficacy by performing the two fundamental alchemical operations. the valuable portions are first separated from those which are impure processed and subsequently reunited to yield an improved medicinal form (HELMSTADTER 1990). The source materials of spagyric medicines are exclusively from botanical origin. Depending upon the manufacturing process, differentiation is made among spagyrism according to Krauss.

Around the turn of the last century the Italian herbalist Count Cesare Mattei (1809-1896) rediscovered the lost spagyric art and founded the system known as electro homoeopathy in Italy. Mattei borrowed from Paracelsus the process of preparing the vegetable substances by means of a more or less complicated mode of fermentation, called cohobation, and also the final combination of he number of ingredients with similar or supplementary effects to form a complex medicinal unity. Mattei has kept the formulation secretly until the age of 78 and he gave all his work to his adopted son in laws Mario Ventrouli Mattei in 1887. After Mattei death in 1896 one of his disciple Theodor Krauss (1864-1924) has established his system in more advanced way. When the real supply of these remedies stopped in 1917 due to World war 1, Krauss reinvented the method in more scientific process known as Krauss method. Today the pharmaceutical company ISO, GmbH Germany is continuing his tradition via JSO Komplex heilwisen. First of all, these preparations enjoy success and worldwide appreciation because of their carefully chosen ingredient. Based on his key research with the founder of system count Mattei, Krauss added a few more combination remedies to the system, characterized by their broad therapeutic spectrum, they are highly acclaimed spinal cord of the system by experts from all over the world specially Germany since 1920.


The central pillar exists in spagyrism according to Krauss: phytotherapy, within the present context, phytotherapy is to be understood as the traditional art of healing with plants. The spagyric medications are administered in either their 4th or 10th decimal potency. The clinical propertise of the active medicinal substances within each preparation help determine the selection of the appropriate medication. In the Krauss' school of spagyric therapy, pathological processes are not viewed simply as isolated instances of dysfunction in individual organs or within the mind. Therefore, the objective is to detect and treat the course of disease in the interactions with all the body processes.

In order to adequately cover the multi-level interconnections of an illness, this type of therapy employs complex medications consisting of a combination of numerous single-ingredient spagyric remedies. Selection of the appropriate spagyric agents to be included within a complex is based on the physiological and anatomical relationships existing among individual body functions, organs, and organ groups. The single-ingredient agents are combined into such a manner to influence a group of organs closely associated with one another in either a physiological or anatomic-histological manner. Contained within one Electro homeopathic medication are single-ingredient agents with similar fields of actions as well as those that influence the pathological condition from a variety of aspects.

The constituents are combined to target the illness synergistically while mutually supplementing their effects. Thus they selectively direct their effects within the diseased organism at multiple levels, each in correspondence with its individual rang of action, thereby collectively creating stimulation of the body's intrinsic defensive and regenerative powers (Bruch 1939, Krauss 1989).
In the book "The Hidden Roots: A History of Homeopathy in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe" by Prof. Dr. Robert Jütte, Director of the Institute of History of Medicine Foundation Robert Bosch in Germany is written that Dr. Alexander Rosendorff (1871 - 1963) became "acquainted with Electrohomeopathy" when he met Cesare Mattei. The sign which he had installed in 1920 outside his practice in Tallinn, Waldstraße, however, said: 'Homeopath'.

In the book "The essay on history of Homeopathy in Latvia" Marina Afanasieva, Medical Dept., Vice-President of LMHI of Latvia, published by the "Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis," France has written a significant part on Mr. Feliks Lukin ( 1875-1934) that he learned Elettromeopatia from Dr.Rosendorf in Tallinn (Estonia) and practiced in France but with the name Homeopathy.

In Farmacopia Omeopatica Germany, published by the federal government, the formulas are described as delll'Elettromeopatia formulas Omeopatiche.
Bärbel Tschech (Dip. biologist) in her article : A Discussion of Complex Homeopathic Remedies ,translation by Siegfried Letzel, published in Hpathy Ezine - July, 2007 Zimpel and Mattei have been described as homeopaths.


  • Scrofoloso remedies, act on the scrofulous disorders and the metabolism.
  • Linfatico remedies act on both systems of lymph, and blood especially the white corpuscles.
  • Angioiticos remedies, which act on the blood vessels the arteries and the veins, and the circulatory system.
  • Canceroso remedies, act on cellular construction and the chronic degeneration of Lymph.
  • Febrifugo remedies, act on the fevers and all types of intermittent diseases, as well as disorders of the spleen and liver.
  • Vermifugo remedies act on the intestines, but also on the other parts of our organism, and then also destroy all worms.
  • Pettorale remedies, act on the respiratory system and bronchial tubes.
  • Venereo remedies have a general constitutional effect.

Electricities or Fluids

  • Red Electricity is an arterial and nerve stimulant. This increases the vitality of the body.
  • Blue Electricity has tonic effects on the circulatory system, when used in a diluted form it calms the organs which is over stimulated.
  • Green Electricity promotes venous system and helps with chronic diseases and arthritic conditions.
  • Yellow Electricity relaxes muscular or nervous tension, diminishing organic function and excitement.
  • White Electricity exerts a gentle, calming influence over the nervous system.
  • APP water for skin keeps the skin fresh and smooth as cosmetic effect.

Advantages of Electro Homeopathic Remedies -

  • These remedies are all extracted from plants, having energetic properties. They produce energy in the body; its action is gentle and sometimes instantaneous, but more generally gradual of such a nature that the results can only be perceived after some minutes.
  • They correct the deficiency or excess to natural proportions and recover the disease speedily, gently, completely and permanently.
  • They do not simply cure the particular disease for which they are prescribed, but at the same time good to the constitution of the patients who uses them.
  • The true remedy gives the extra something, which the body needs. They are non-poisonous and do not create drug disease or leave any bad effects on the body.
  • It is not extremely facilitated and simplified in this way, in the most complicated illness as well, but also it is more economical of what is so important in the present period of necessity.
  • It is especially adapted for universal use as household remedies. No mother dread her child’s life has been endangered because she has taken some of the medicines in error, nor need she ever be haunted by the fear, so often experienced by those who give bromides and other hurtful drugs that may turn out to be worse than the disease.

Electropathy medicines purify the blood and lymph and gives amazing result on the human body in many cases which are said to be incurable in other branches of medicine.