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The homeopaths have tried to render account of the real effects produced by almost infinitesimal doses. Some have even thought that the medical processes of preparation could give power enough and have called dynamization; the subdivision of remedies. I have said above what the actual state of my knowledge allows me to say on this point. The attenuation of masses, as I said, brings into play the muscular forces. It is an old saying; that “corpora non agunt nisi soluta”.

As for me, I’m afraid of imaginary theories. I continue myself to evident facts stating that the general rule for my remedies is to place the doses in relation of the disease, viz, to diminish the doses in proportion to the gravity of the malady. What I have stated is drawn from the experience, and even the theoretical reason could not be given, it would be no less the general canon of Electro-Homeopathy.

I cured by means of one drop of essence in a glass of water; I cured by an ordinary dose of a globule taken daily in a glass of water; and, indeed, I cured by a second dilution, and in rare cases I descend to the third; on the other hand, I go up to the very strong doses. Here are the facts which I point out, saying, at the same time, that the dose should be in inverse ratio to the gravity of the disease. I add that it is necessary to know, if required, how to employ the whole scale of posology.

I don’t go so far as to say that I dynamize matter. I have not the power which belongs only to the creator “qui effudit illam super omnia opera ejus”, as it is written in the Book of Wisdom.

Now we reflect that the cure is but the result of organic-vital reactions caused by means of agents which we call remedies, and that reactions are so much less as their remains less vitality in the centre of the organism, or the disease is grave. Thus, it is why, in my opinion, it is necessary to lessen the quantity of the medicine in ratio to the intensity of the malady. To do otherwise it would be contradicting the general law of nature, viz, the reaction is always EQUAL and opposed to the action.

[Taken from Principles of Electro-homeopathy By C. C. Mattei]

DILUTIONS [Mattei Method]

1. The First Dilution is obtained by dissolving one drop of essence in an ordinary glassful of water/rectified spirit. 

2. The Second Dilution is obtained by a teaspoonful of the First Dilution is put in the glassful of water/rectified spirit. 

3. The Third Dilution is obtained in the same manner by putting a teaspoonful of Second Dilution into a glassful of water/rectified spirit. 


Prepare Dilutions as per Officially Submitted Pharmacopoeias in the Decimal Scale:

D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10 etc. and start dispensing them from D4 onwards.

Liquid Measurement to prepare the Electropathy Dilutions